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We enable every website operator to offset the greenhouse gas emissions that arise in the course of visitng the website based on the annual page views. We assume an average value of 10g per page view. The information from Google (0.7g) and the Federal Environment Agency of Germany (15g per page view) serve as references.

From the moment the electricity-related emissions are offset, the label "climate neutral website” may be used.

The label is valid for one year. First select your preferred climate protection project type and then the number of annual page views of your website.

Carbon Reduction Project Type:
Annual Page Views:

After placing your order, you will receive an e-mail with your climate action certificate and your climate neutral website-label within one working day. The certificate confirms your climate action commitment and provides detailed information on the carbon reduction projects you are funding. You should place the climate neutral website-label on your website with a link to As soon as the label is linked, we will also set a backlink to your website.

You can find out more information about our climate neutral website offering in our blog article.

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There are numerous project type options to offset your personal carbon footprint. The most common project types include:

  • Projects to reduce or sequester carbon, i.e. by the conservation or reforestation of forests
  • Renewable energy projects: i.e. wind, hydro and solar energy installations
  • Energy efficiency and small energy projects in households: these include i.e. family biogas plants or efficient cookstoves. These projects do not only contribute to carbon reductions, but also result in high social benefits.

We offer carbon reduction projects from all three aforementioned project types under the designations "Forest", "Renewable" and "Social+". Behind each of these 3 project types are 3 concrete carbon reduction projects.

If you select the project type "Forest", the three projects we have included in this category will be funded. If you choose "Mix", then we divide your climate action contribution into all 3 project categories. You find an overview of the 9 carbon reduction projects we support here.

At GoClimateAction we support 9 carbon reduction projects in parts of the world that are already massively affected by the global climate crisis, but have so far contributed comparatively little to human-induced climate change.

For the sake of simplicity we have structured these 9 projects in the three categories "Forest", "Renewable" and"Social+". In each category, you will find 3 individual projects.




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For the climate on our earth, it is irrelevant in which geography carbon emissions or other greenhouse gases are emitted or avoided. The harmful effect of greenhouse gases has no boundaries.

For this reason, emissions that are caused by our western lifestyle in Europe can be offset by emission reductions certified by independent auditors in a completely different place on earth, e.g. in a developing country. This mechanism is widely called carbon compensation or carbon offsetting.

The principle of carbon offsetting is well-known all over the world and has been used by thousands of companies and millions of private individuals for many years.

More on this here.

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