Our core values at GoClimateAction

The urgency of the global climate crisis can no longer be denied. The scientific facts and the regional and global climate changes are crystal clear.

GoClimateAction stands for a basic attitude as to how we want to leave our footprint in this world. This footprint must undoubtedly become smaller and more sustainable if we want to leave our children a world worth living in. However, we are running out of time for effective climate action measures. We must act now to prevent the most serious consequences of the global climate crisis!

In addition to many tips for climate action in everyday life, GoClimateAction provides the opportunity to offset your personal carbon footprint and, hence, do something tangible for global climate action - here and now.

In addition to the carbon reductions generated, our carbon reduction projects also lead to valuable social benefits for the respective local populations.  You can find more about this here.

Lenn & Sascha - the founders

Sascha Lafeld and Lenn KudrawitzkyThe founders of GoClimateAction strongly believe in the urgent necessity for climate action - Sascha Lafeld & Lenn Kudrjawizki.

In his professional career, Sascha has dealt intensively with the topics of climate action, carbon offsetting and climate neutrality. In 2003 he founded a company with which he spent many years helping numerous large and medium-sized companies worldwide on climate action, green energy and carbon offsetting. He was instrumental for developing the quality standards for transparent carbon offsetting and has built up a large network of carbon reduction project developers in many countries. Sascha is now bringing this expertise and the network of global climate action projects to GoClimateAction.

Lenn is an actor and musician and has been a tireless fighter for sustainability and climate action for many years. Lenn came with his parents from Leningrad to East Berlin at the age of two months and studied violin in Dresden. Since then he has appeared as a musician in many concert halls around the world and with his company Legrain Productions he founded the first sustainable orchestra (Berlin Show Orchestra).  Lenn is also active as an actor and director in many well-known Hollywood productions and German films, e.g. in Vikings, Jack Ryan, Tatort or in Kroatien Krimi.

Our mission

GoClimateAction is part of planetgood Ltd. and we provide no donation receipts for your carbon offset. We are convinced that as long as climate action is understood as "donation" or "do-good", we will never achieve the scale of climate action that is necessary to keep this planet worth living in. We need a balance between the environment, our global societies and our economic systems worldwide.

GoClimateAction is aimed at all of us as private individuals in Europe. Without the climate action commitment of each and every one of us, the mission of "fighting climate change" will fail. GoClimateAction should be an effective tool to ensure that this mission can still succeed.

Live climate neutral now.