Carbon offsetting - how it works

Climate action - what can I do?

We all have a carbon footprint. Every hour, every day, every year. In Europe this is an average of 8.6 t of greenhouse gases per capita per year.

By living a more climate-conscious life, each of us can avoid & reduce emissions. For example, by less air travel or the use of green electricity. There are numerous possibilities for additional climate action in everyday life. 

But what can we do if we want to live fully climate neutral, but can't avoid or reduce our footprint any further? For our remaining residual emissions, carbon offsetting is an effective instrument. This mechanism is also called CO2-compensation. 

Carbon offsetting - what is it?

For the global climate, it does not matter where carbon emissions are emitted or reduced. The harmful effect of greenhouse gases has no borders. Therefore, emissions caused by our lifestyle in Europe can be offset by emission reductions in a completely different place, e.g. in a developing country. This is how carbon offsetting works in principle.

This principle is widespread worldwide and is being used by thousands of companies and millions of private individuals for many years already.

Get active!

Take the first step now and start taking action yourself instead of just waiting for politicians and companies. For each of us, it is possible to avoid & reduce carbon emissions in our daily lifes. There are many digital emission calculators available in the internt to calculate your personal carbon footprint. However, experience shows that entering all the details necessary to determine your personal carbon footprint is often perceived as too time-consuming and laborious. We therefore offer you a simple solution to implement your own personal climate neutrality based on the European average greenhouse gas emissions of 8.6 t per year and person.

At GoClimateAction you can easily offset your personal carbon emissions or those of your whole family via the support of certified carbon reduction projects and thus live a climate neutral life. You can implement this either in a practical monthly subscription or as a one-time payment.

For all of you who want more details about your specific personal carbon footprint and do not want to work with "flat rate"-values, we can recommend WWF's carbon footprint calculator.You can use your personal information to calculate the emissions of your individual carbon footprint then offset with us here.

Whether your climate protection commitment is ultimately based on a "flat-rate" or individually calculated emission values ​​is not really decisive from our perspective - it is important that you take climate action at all!