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The climate crisis is real. We all must get engaged in climate action and reduce & avoid greenhouse gases. Looking at the enormous dimension of the global climate crises, we should live a fully climate neutral life already today and offset our remaining carbon footprint with high quality and certified carbon reduction projects.

Carbon offsetting is only the second best solution - it is better to reduce & avoid all greenhouse gases from the outset. But our lifestyle does currently not allow for a climate neutral life only through carbon avoidance. According to the Paris Climate Agreement, this might take until 2050 for our economies and societies to get there. Right now, a climate neutral life can unfortunately only be fully achieved through carbon offsetting.

How carbon offsetting works

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Our carbon reduction projects are verified annually by independent certifiers to the highest quality standards and offer guaranteed carbon reductions with social benefits for the local population.

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In everyday life, there are many options for reducing & avoiding carbon emissions. However, despite all efforts, a life without a carbon footprint is currently not possible due to our western lifestyle. Therefore, as a final step towards a climate neutral life, carbon offsetting remains the only solution to live fully carbon neutral.

How carbon offsetting works.

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